License # 230305

Renovation Projects

Unity Homes - San Francisco, CA    Total Renovation

Unity Homes Renovation consisted of updating electrical wiring from its current state to meet the current code in an effort to make the homes safer and have the ability to use modern electrical prodcuts. The project also got energy efficent upgrades to its light poles. LED poles were installed saving the property over 60% on the amount of electricity used to illuminate the grounds.

Unity Homes Renovation - 2 and 3 Meter relocations
Before the renovation each set of 2 and 3 unit apartment homes shared one meter. The meter was enclosed with the gas meter in a closet directly behind where the meters are now. Along with coordination from PG&E and the meter manufactuer Dawson Electric was about to engineer a way to give each unit its own seperate meter and make certain the move was safe.

LED Light Poles

Pictured above are the new state of the art LED landscape light poles. This technology will generate a more concentrated spread of light where its needed, provide the same footcandle amount or greater than the prior flourescent fixture with a 60% savings in electricity. Pictured below is a close up of the head on the light pole.
Eden Palms - San Jose, CA - Lighting Renovation
LED Light Bollard
The LED light bollards that were installed made the community safer for its residents. The light emited from the bollards was 20% greater over the previous fixture and with the LED technology the electricaity usage is 60% less compared to the origianal bollard.
LED Light Pole
Along with the bollards Dawson Electric also installed LED light poles to illuminate the parking spaces at Eden Palms. The new LED technology allows the light to have a more concentrated spread so it can focus its light on the parking spaces and not into the windows of the buildings nearby.